Read! Literary quotes of five contemporary inspiring authors

For each author we present a brief introduction, selected quotes on the novel and link to their website. Davide Amante His novel ‘Point of no return Wallenberg’ is powerful and moving. Davide Amante is an influential author, renowned for his independence from the mainstream publishing industry, he has taught literature and has a trailblazing […]

Guida Monaci dal 1870 la storia del Sistema Italia

La Guida Monaci SpA è un content quality provider indipendente leader nei settori del publishing, del procurement e del consulting. Vanta radici antiche, coniugando tradizione di qualità con metodologie e tecnologie innovative. L’Azienda opera per rispondere alle esigenze di approfondimento informativo della Business Community italiana ed internazionale attraverso lo sviluppo e la diffusione di soluzioni […]

The economy of Dubai

Dubai has changed dramatically over the last three decades, becoming a major business centre with a more dynamic and diversified economy. Dubai enjoys a strategic location and serves as the biggest re-exporting centre in the Middle East. Its low logistical and operational costs and excellent infrastructure, international outlook and liberal government policies are attracting investors […]