Introducing DMA International, the PR & Communication firm

DMA INTERNATIONAL is a premier, full-service communication firm serving corporate, individual and government clients with operations in Italy and the European Union.

DMA INTERNATIONAL handles a variety of Communication services both for multinationals looking to expand and/or consolidate their operations in Italy and the EU markets and for Small and Medium Enterprises launching their activities in Italy.
We support our clients with effective services aimed at market leadership, ranging from single projects to strategic brand communication.

DMA international is a reliable partner in planning, developing and upgrading our clients’ operations in the Italian market.

DMA International manages perceptions and enhances the reputation of clients through direct Media relationships and one of the most effective and experienced European media relations teams. DMA International ensures that a client’s agenda is part of the media narrative no matter what the issue.

DMA International plans and delivers a Public Relations strategy aimed at market leadership. DMA International is able to effectively manage complex client engagements through the integration of our practices and specialties.

DMA International is one of the most advanced and innovative players in the Online Integrated Marketing services in Italy and the EU markets. A full-service digital marketing company capable to integrate the most advanced online services with the offline and traditional Media Services. The Integration of these services allows to significantly enhance the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Our expertise and know-how makes us an advanced Media Center for companies aiming to penetrate the Italian market. The added value we bring to our clients is the integration of services, cost reduction, optimization of results, facilitation of operations through a single referent, networking opportunities.

DMA International Srl
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