Don Juanito Restaurante, food&trend in Milan

In Milan, the excellence of South American cuisine is located in Corso di Porta Vigentina. A discreet approach from the outside, a refined restaurant, a top-level kitchen on the table. Among the VIPs attending Don Juanito is the writer Davide Amante who tells us: ‘The Don Juanito Restaurante fullfils all the five senses’. At the avant-garde of Andean flavor, managed with care and attention to detail by Diego Muzzi, this restaurant offers a suggestive menu of territories and peoples, with unmistakable flavors and fragrances.

The ambience, lounge and kitchen were completely renovated in 2016. The result is an elegant, warm and yet informal atmosphere. The service is excellent, always attentive at the tables, waiters move lightly and sympathetically, contributing decisively to that particular and warm mood, which is hardly elsewhere.

The restaurant offers an author’s kitchen: Alex, Peruvian chef, originally from the Ancash mountain range, has brought an high profile style, also thanks to Diego Muzzi’s wise guide. At the Don Juanito you have the impression of traveling the South American continent throughout its length and not just Argentine flavors.

Corn, plantain, meat, fish, legumes and cereals, original ingredients like rocoto chili and still ceviche and cause. The kitchen gives a bit of the aggressiveness and spiciness of some typical ingredients, strikingly succeeding to conquer the softness and delicacy of Italian taste and palate. A fine balance of tastes that Don Juanito has managed to achieve.




The restaurant has the ability to attract a heterogeneous audience of all ages, from couples to groups of friends to business lunches, also thanks to the ability to propose an accessible menu. You go from the Andean tasting of land or sea (highly recommended) to a wide choice of Entradas (appetizers) to an excellent choice of meats and fish. Do not miss the dessert menu. An extensive selection of South American wines and does not complete Don Juanito’s offer.

As Davide Amante told us: ‘There is passion at the Don Juanito. It could be the good Malbec or the particular atmosphere of this restaurant, but every time I sit here with the muse I love, I end up losing myself in her eyes. ‘

Don Juanito Restaurante
Corso di Porta Vigentina 33 – Milano
Closed: Saturday at noon and Sunday