July 4, 2022

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4 3.4 million fined for victims of infiltrating sex cult leader in Hollywood Pop & Art

Keith Ranier, the leader of a group that turned women into sex slaves and infiltrated Hollywood, was ordered to pay $ 3.4 million (R $ 17.7 million) in compensation to 21 victims. He has served 120 years in prison from 2019.

“Smallville” actress Alison Mack He was sentenced in June 2021 to three years in prison Imprisonment for involvement in Nxivm group.

A “The Vow” series, released in 2020, He describes the clear plan and explains in detail the clean interface that includes the Nxivm sex section. How did a fake “self-help group” based on violence infiltrate Hollywood for twenty years?

The bad side is already known: ‘Smallville’ actress Alison Mack has been arrested for adding sex slaves to the division’s “coach”. They were weight controlled, blackmailed and branded with erotic photos. Mac pleaded guilty in 2019.

Alison Mack attends a show in New York in 2010 – Photo: Brian Feder / Getty Images North America / AFP

The initial merit of “The Vow” is to show its false positive and attractive side through the long statements of two former members of the faction.

Director Mark Vicente and actress Sarah Edmonton were drawn to the cult and had similar profiles: artists struggling to gain prominence in the American entertainment industry. Ambitious and frustrated they were the perfect targets for the handling division.

“Smallville” Actress Alison Mack Participates In Nxivm’s “Slave And Master” Organization – Photo: Getty Images

Newcomers gave up their “controlling beliefs” and then watched videos and lectures that taught new members to join teams. Behind the mystery, the so-called Nxivm faction is a combination of self-help and pyramid scheme.

They are described and mesmerized by their leader, Keith Ranier, who showed himself as an intellectual and mentor to the rich and famous.. By following his commands, they felt very powerful and secure.

The key to understanding the mechanism of worship will appear at the end of the chapter. That’s when Mark’s wife, Australian pony pizza, appears. He starred as the young Peruvian Lars in the “Star Wars” saga films of the early 2000s.

Bonnie Pissy as Peru Lars in ‘Star Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)’ – Photo: Revelation

Pony’s profile is similar to that of the other two former members: an ambitious artist, but frustrated – at the time, he was not trying to become a singer. It is clear how this type of division attracted Hollywood to a place run by a crowded vanity that could be vulnerable to such a “coach”.

Alison Mack will appear later, which is seen as a star. But in a growing series, in the skin of young Clark Kent’s best friend, she is not a sacred actress. His biggest award went to supporting actor at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards. Profile unlike others.

“The Vow” was directed by Oscar-nominated Egyptian-American Kareem Amar and Lebanese-American Jehan Nou Jaim in 2014 for the electrified political documentary “The Square” about the Arab Spring protests in Egypt.

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