July 4, 2022

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70% vaccinated, NY and California remove last restrictions against Govt-19-International

Nova York – California e Nova York, The two most populous states and the most affected by the epidemic Govit-19 To us United States, Removed on Tuesday, 15th, all restrictions on services and community meetings. This measure is possible because both have achieved the goal of vaccination 70% of its adults.

In New York, restaurants no longer have to move the table two meters away, and theaters can get maximum capacity. Commercial buildings no longer measure the body temperature of their occupants.

“This is a great day. We deserve to celebrate because it’s been a long way off,” said Andrew Cuomo. “Life will return to normal.”

In California, 72% of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, the governor said Gavin Newson This Tuesday is called “Reopening Day”. Removed restrictions are similar to those in New York.

However, in both states, each particular business can implement its own control measures if it chooses the virus.

Both governors Democratic Party Living in politically bad times, they provided rally definitions for advertisements. In the 45-minute speech, Cuomo, who faces charges of sexual harassment and aggravated assault, coordinated an evening fireworks display to celebrate the reopening.

In both states, health officials are struggling to increase vaccination rates in some communities. For example, residents in New York, the Bronx and Brooklyn are vaccinated at a lower-than-average rate in the city. The situation is similar in some of the most populous districts in California.

Since the outbreak, 63,000 Californians have died from cowpox. In New York State, that number is 53,000. / Now

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