December 7, 2022

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A dog that attacked a thief at home is at risk of euthanasia!

Dog saves family from robbery in Mexico

Photo: Background/Twitter

In the state of Chiapas, a man allegedly tried to rob a community house and almost lost his arm. Mexico, and was attacked by a pitbull, last October 7th. 32-year-old José Arbey, unable to pass through the yard of the house, ran into the dog, which bit his left arm.

After the case, according to Glamor magazine, police found the boy in the backyard, bloodied and in agony, after losing part of an arm and being rushed to the hospital.

The suspect was hospitalized and his family now wishes the dog dead. The story went viral on social media and caused a frenzy of netizens calling for Pitbull Max’s life.

Authorities have already determined the dog was tied up in the yard where the attack occurred while verifying that it did not pose a danger to the community.

Max has been called “Koboya’s hero” on Twitter because he saved his family, and many users of the site have expressed their support for the animal.

“In a world turned upside down, good and bad, evil and cruel creatures must be sacrificed, and bad people are released from prison for a few days,” said a netizen. “Not a criminal, he protected his family from a stranger. He is Capoya’s hero,” said another.

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