December 7, 2022

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A dream job in a remote New Zealand town attracts applicants from all over the world

The vacancy opened last month and has already received more than 1,400 applicants from various countries around the world; Employment involves helping to conserve the country’s biodiversity

Disclosure / Haast River SafariHost New ZealandThe work involved a biodiversity supervisor in a remote town on the west coast of the country’s South Island.

Government New Zealand Received applications from around the world a Work dreams. The vacancy in question is offered by the Department of Defense of an Oceania country and consists of a Biodiversity Supervisor in a remote city. Hast, on the west coast of the country’s South Island, the chosen one will have to go trekking, helicopter rides and sailing in the area’s waters. All these will help to protect the rare species living in the region. They include birds KiwiIt does not fly and only lives in the country, colonies Penguin and species Reptile Residents of that place. According to the New Zealand Department of Defense, there were only three interested candidates in the early days, but as the search expanded, applicants from all over the world applied. To date, more than 1,400 applications have been received from countries such as Finland, Romania, South Africa and Paraguay. The AFP, Wayne Costello says the response to the vacancy has been overwhelming. “I have an Instagram account, my number is on WhatsApp, so I got some applications from Colombia, Romania and Sweden… from all over the world!” He said.

*With information from AFP

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