December 7, 2022

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A drunken python performs garlands and is rescued by his son and friend

A drunkard thought it best to put one up Python around the neck, so that the animal can act as a wreath. However, the adventure almost ended in tragedy.

According to India Today, the Terrible scene Recorded on the outskirts of the Indian city of Garhwa. The said citizen Mr. Identified as Birjalal Ram Bhuyan. See below:

“Try to lift A python Around the neck like a garland in Garwa of Jharkhand [estado]Played by a man,” read the tweet’s caption.

“The beast gripped tight Neck of man”, the text ends.

Although the video does not reveal the outcome of the incident, the publication cited above guarantees that the man was freed from the suffocation.

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Thanks to the intervention of the boy’s son and friend who appeared during the recording.

Although As well as fearBirjalal had only minor injuries from the bracepada.

Unnecessarily he was treated in the village where he lives Medical assistance.

The next drinker was bitten by a snake and hospitalized in critical condition. Check!

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