September 28, 2022

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A highly endangered rattlesnake has been filmed swimming in a lake and is causing an internet scare.

oh Snake catching A diamondback snake swimming in a lake in the US state of Texas has scared netizens on social media.

Considered one of the most dangerous rattlesnakes on the planet, the snake is responsible for most snake attacks on humans in the world. America.

In the video, the amateur cameraman on the boat can be seen at one point getting very close to the snake, which was floating a few meters away from him.

A woman in the boat did not dare to even look at the snake.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department shared the video and offered a tip for anyone going through the same situation.

“Most snakes can swim, so leave them alone and they’ll be on their way,” the release says.

In the comments section, people said they understood the girl’s fear in the video. “Turn that boat around”, “No, the snakes in the water are out of bounds” and “I’m so scared” were some of the key comments commented, showing that fear was common.

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