September 28, 2022

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A lioness is delighted to meet her cub for the first time at the zoo; see

A lioness sheds her hunting posture and melts when she meets her newborn cub. The emotional scene took place on September 6 at the Denver Zoo in the US.

Animal keepers recorded the first meeting between Tobias the lion and his cub, born on July 25, according to the New York Post.

In the pictures, Tobias approaches the cub and takes care of it. Then he bent down to look at the little one more closely and interact with him.

According to the Bored Panda website, the baby lion was born in good health and is already playful and outgoing.

The little cub thrilled mother lion Nelia and sisters Sabi and Kamara. But it was Tobias who was especially happy to finally spend time with his son.

The yet-to-be-named lion cub has been spending the first months of his life mostly with his father, mother and sisters. He has yet to be introduced to zoo visitors.

The video of the father lion and its cub has been shared on social media and has captured the hearts of many. Some of them wondered how affectionate lionesses are with their cubs.

“He is so precious! I love how Dad interacts with him, so gentle from such a powerful being,” one user wrote on Facebook. Facebook.

“[Oh meu Deus] He’s so adorable, especially seeing him with Tobias, he seems like an amazing father. [a propósito]!” added another.

Due to the backlash, the Denver Zoo launched a campaign to get the public to suggest a name for the new lion cub. The charity is asking for donations to raise funds to improve the care of the lions living in its facilities and for efforts to protect the animals in their natural habitats.

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