December 7, 2022

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A reliable car? Check out our list of 11 models that break the bank the least

You don’t want headaches and want to buy a reliable car? Check out the list of 11 models. Fear not, as most are made in Japanese.

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1 – Hyundai Veracruz

This SUV from South Korea’s Hyundai was a luxury car until 2012, even though it wasn’t very common to see. Comfortable, elegant, spacious and very reliable. However, low production made the model difficult to resell.

2 – Honda CR-V

Another great SUV on the list is the Honda CR-V. It is known as a reliable car and it offers almost no mechanical faults. A more comfortable vehicle.

3 – Toyota Yaris is a reliable car

As mentioned, vehicles from Japanese automakers dominate the list. This is also the case with the Toyota Yaris Car Trusted and highly preferred in the national market.

4 – Toyota Corolla

The Corolla needs no introduction and has long been sought after for its mechanical reliability, style, comfort and heritage.

5 – Honda Fit

Like many Honda cars, the Fit gained ground because of its impeccable construction. All parts of the car are functionally built and its mechanics are very reliable.

6 – Honda Civic is a reliable car

The Civic is the Corolla’s main competitor and it’s no surprise that both stand out as cars that don’t break easily.

7 – Hyundai HB20

Even the newer models of Hyundai HB20 have a reputation of being reliable cars that don’t break down easily.

8 – Volkswagen Gold

Yes, traditional Cole is in this list and it has a good reputation among mechanics in the country.

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9 – Chevrolet Onyx

oh Car Today’s best seller is the Onix, which also earns the title of reliable car.

10 – Fiat Strada

In applications, the Fiat Strada is one of the most reliable that consumers will find.

11 – Suzuki Jimny

Finally, we end the list with a Jeep. Suzuki Jimny is a real battle tank and practically does not fail its owners.