December 7, 2022

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A video showing a “ghost” in a sanatorium in Argentina goes viral; to see

It looks like security is talking to the alleged ghost in the recording

The security data of the sanatorium is recorded

The sanatorium security would have referred to “ghostly” data

Photo: Background/Twitter

A video of the sanatorium being allegedly haunted Argentina It went viral on social media this weekend. The case took place at the Finochietto Sanatorium, a general hospital in the Córdoba region. In the photos, a guard talking to someone who was not there caught the attention of netizens.

The Argentine newspaper reported that the video was recorded at around 3 am on Saturday the 11th. Clarion🇧🇷 The pictures show the door opening automatically, and the guard at the entrance seems to be talking to someone, as if he is welcoming a person, but no one is there. He writes data and is even ready to take a wheelchair.

The watchman told the newspaper that it was a poor woman who entered and asked to go to room number 915 to look for something she had forgotten while hospitalized there.

When the woman went upstairs and did not return, the employee called the clinic’s colleagues. In response, it is said that no one went up to the ninth floor that night.

Checking the data mentioned at the entrance, the guard learned that they were the same data as the woman who had died in the room three hours earlier.

Sanatorium officials have not ruled out any hypothesis and are investigating the images posted on social networks.

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