December 7, 2022

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According to the US, Ukraine is responsible for the explosion that killed Darya Dukina newspaper | the world

Intelligence and Information Agencies America Sections of the Ukrainian government are believed to have authorized the bombing in Russia, which ended in the death of Daria Dukina, daughter of Russian ultranationalist Alexander Dukin, to influence Vladimir Putin’s government to expand and adopt a military policy.

The “New York Times” published information about the suspicions of American agencies today, Wednesday (5).

oh The attack took place near Moscow, in August. Dukina and her father attended a show. He was going to go back in the same car that she left, but at the last moment, he decided to go in the back car. Dugin saw the car her daughter was in explode.

According to the New York Times, Americans fear that such actions could worsen the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The heads of the intelligence agencies told the newspaper on condition that their identities not be disclosed. They said the US did not participate in the attack, nor did it provide information or assistance. They also claim that they do not know in advance what will happen and if they do, they will not agree to the action. After the attack, they criticized the Ukrainians for the attack.

Born in 1992, Dukina graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in philosophy and appeared as a commentator on the nationalist TV channel Tsargrad. Like his father, he supported sending Russian troops to Ukraine.

In both countries, Dukina has been described on various online platforms as a contributor to disinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The U.S. Treasury Department alleges he was the editor-in-chief of United World International, a disinformation website created by “Project Lakta,” a Russian political influence operation that Treasury officials say used fictitious online personas to interfere in U.S. elections. Since 2014.

The site also claims that Ukraine will be “destroyed” if it is admitted to NATO.

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