December 7, 2022

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African qualifier between Guinea and Morocco canceled after coup International football

South America is not the only country to have a 2022 World Cup qualifier on this FIFA date. As Brazil x Argentina, The fight between Guinea and Morocco, which is valid for the African qualifiers and will take place this Monday, has been canceled.

The reason is not a health problem, but Coup in GuineaCountry located in West Africa.

“The current political and security situation in Guinea is very volatile and FIFA and the CAF (African Football Confederation) have been closely monitoring the safety of all players and all referees. FIFA and the CAF have decided to postpone the match. Information will be available at a later date,” the CAF said in an official statement.

Soldiers who organized Sunday’s uprising in Guinea’s capital said on state television that the government and the constitution had been dissolved and all land and air borders closed. However, the Defense Ministry said the attack on President Alpha Conte’s palace had been repulsed.

Conte’s whereabouts were not immediately clear, and he won a third term in October after changing the constitution to allow him to run again despite violent opposition from the opposition.

The Moroccan national team was partially stranded at their hotel last Sunday due to a shortage of planes. Earlier in the evening, a delegation comprising of PSG’s full-back Hakimi was able to leave the country.

Guinean army passes through the center of Conakry in the back of a rear truck after a shooting at the Presidential Palace – Photo: Cello Pinani / AFP