December 7, 2022

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Airbus Beluga ‘explodes’ after being struck by lightning on flight from Wales to Germany

A tense moment was recorded during the flight Airbus Beluga From Wales to Germany. There was a plane Lightning strike After taking off from Haverton Airport in Flintshire this Tuesday morning (1/11).

The cargo ship was scheduled to sail to Hamburg and was in the air for a short time before being attacked, WalesOnline reported. Beluga XL5 Lightning struck, this one “explosion”.

Although the flight continued as normal, it landed in the German city hours after takeoff, around 1 p.m., prompting the incident. Great fear in the film crew.

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Footage captured by a security camera in the area has been reported. Dozens of residents reported hearing one Big “bang” soundAs well as a bright white flash.

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Airbus Beluga Photo: AFP

“This was a routine aviation event and the aircraft continued its journey to Hamburg as planned. As per standard operating procedure, the aircraft will be inspected before the next flight.”An Airbus UK spokesperson said.

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Beluga is the trade name of an Airbus cargo plane capable of carrying large quantities of parts similar to other aircraft. This specimen attracts attention not only for its size, but also for its resemblance to the shape of a white whale, a common animal in the Arctic also known as beluga. The Beluga XL made its first commercial flight in 2020.

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