September 26, 2021

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Alberto Fernandez, Argentina, charged with participating in a birthday party while under restrictions | The world

In July last year, Fernandez attended a banquet hosted by his wife, Fabiola Janes, at the Presidential Palace, where meetings were restricted.

Picture of Alberto Fernandez from Argentina in February 2021 – Photo: Marco Ugarde / AB

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez tested positive for Kovit-19

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez tested positive for Kovit-19

Recently, photos of the party were leaked. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. However, with government leaders dominating the legislature in Argentina, the case is unlikely to move forward.

On Thursday, Fernandez attended the trial of the case and offered to pay the fine. He donated half of his four-month salary to the Malfron Institute of Research and Laboratories.

In addition to Fernandez, the first woman to attend the party and five others were charged.

The lawyer for the case, Ramiro Gonzalez, confirmed that everyone who attended the celebration would be notified that they would be prosecuted for a possible crime. Attorney Fernandez says there was no guilt in the case – he went to court without a representative.

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