December 7, 2022

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Anthony Fossie says increased cases are pushing the United States in the ‘wrong direction of the epidemic’

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Dr. Anthony Fucci said he was frustrated by the opposition of a section of the American population to the vaccine.

Dr Anthony Fucci, chairman of the Corona Virus Task Force, said the United States was heading in the “wrong direction” of the epidemic, with cases of Govt-19 increasing among 19 percent of the country’s population at one time.

In an interview with CNN this Sunday (25/7), Fassi said that “epidemics are developing in the United States among the unknown.”

“I’m very frustrated,” Fassi said after a CNN presenter provided data from a poll, pointing out that 80% of Americans who have been vaccinated so far will not accept or will certainly not get vaccinated.

“I do not want to criticize the people because it makes them retreat further. But I would like to see more (politicians) leaders from less vaccinated areas encouraging people to be vaccinated,” the doctor continued. “We have to do better. People are getting unnecessarily stressed because there is a higher risk of taking Covit-19 and having health problems,” he said.