December 7, 2022

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Argentina complains that Russia is delaying the delivery of Sputnik V levels

Argentina has complained to Russia about the delay in delivering the second dose of the Spotnik V vaccine against Kovit-19, which threatens to violate the agreement in a letter – confirmed today by Presidential Adviser Cecilia Nicolini.

The letter, addressed to the Russian Investment Fund on July 7, was released today by the Argentine newspaper La Nacional and later confirmed by Nicolini in a press release.

“We urgently need a second component. At this point, there is a risk that each contract will be publicly canceled,” the letter said.

The Sputnik V vaccine program from the Kamaleya Laboratory, unlike other immunosuppressive agents against Govt-19, has two different and interchangeable doses.

“We understand the shortage and production problems of the past few months,” the letter continues. “But now, after seven months, we start getting quantities on a regular basis from other vendors, so we adhere.

Argentina closed a contract with Russia for about 30 million doses of Spotnik V, of which 11.86 million was received, according to an official who traveled to Russia several times with Health Minister Carla Visotti to oversee the deal.

So far, 9.37 million of the first dose has arrived, but only 2.49 million of the second dose components of Spotnik V.

“This type of situation and pressure is very common as we are experiencing and facing a global situation such as difficulty in production. If we do not do it, others will do it,” said Minister Vizotti on the Argentine radio station El Desape today.

In recent weeks, the government has accelerated the vaccination campaign to complete two dose schedules due to fears about the effects of the delta variant of Govit-19. His social cycle in the country has not yet been recorded.

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At the beginning of the vaccination campaign, Argentina prioritized immunization of as many people as possible with the first dose and decided to use the second dose within three months. This scheme is similar to the scheme used by the UK.

However, Spotnik V recipients still have more than three months to wait for a second dose.

In December 2020, Argentina became the first country in the region to approve and apply for Spotnik V. In addition, it recently signed an agreement to segregate and compile this vaccine in a private Argentine laboratory.

Approximately 17.07 million people received the first dose of the different vaccines (the country also uses AstraZeneca and Synoform drugs), and of the 45 million population, 5.79 million, received two injections.

The Argentine virus has caused nearly 103,000 deaths and 4.79 million cases.