September 28, 2022

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Before his canonization for the healing of a child, Pope John Paul I was saved in Rome | the world

Pope John Paul I was beatified this Sunday (4) in a ceremony in St Petersburg. The Vatican. He died at the age of 65 on September 29, 1978, 33 days after becoming pope.

One of the steps to becoming a saint in the Catholic Church is beatification. To reach this position, it has been proven that the “candidate” performed some miracles – in the case of John Paul I, in 2011, he was credited with curing an Argentine woman suffering from malignant intractable epilepsy.

The next ceremony for the Pope to be canonized is canonization.

In the rain, cardinals attend Holy Mass – Photo: Vincenzo Pinto/AFP

This Sunday, the Pope FranciscoThe man who presided over the ceremony commented on the Gospel of the day and quoted John Paul I. In the “Vatican News” translation, he said:

“On the side of God, we are the object of immortal love. It does not fade: it does not disappear from our lives, it shines on us, it illuminates even the darkest nights, the cross of sacrifice, silence, incomprehensibility, loneliness, irritation and persecution”.

He also extolled the goodness of the new blessed:

“With a smile, Pope Luciani [nome de nascimento de João Paulo I] He was able to convey the goodness of God. Beautiful is a church with a happy, peaceful and smiling face, that never closes its doors, never exasperates hearts, never complains or resents, never gets angry and impatient, never exposes itself to rude behavior. Don’t fall into ‘backsliding’ due to nostalgia for the past”.

According to the postulants, RFI says it has “restored the historical truth” about Pope John Paul I. His sudden death shocked the world and sparked conspiracy theories about the cause of death, such as that he had been poisoned. Fight against financial corruption The Vatican.

Subsequently, medical reports suggest that he died of a heart attack.

Joao Paulo I had a special connection with Brazil. In 1975, when he was Cardinal Albino Luciani (his birth name), he met his Brazilian friend Cardinal Aloysio Lorscheider in the city of Santa Maria (RS).

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