December 7, 2022

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Biden reinforces ‘aim’ to run in 2024; Trump Says Elections Disappointing – News

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday reiterated his intention to run for re-election in 2024, although he did not intend to make an official announcement early next year and indicated that he would do everything possible to confirm his predecessor Donald Trump (2017). -2021), did not return to the White House.

Biden made these statements during a press conference Mid-term elections On Tuesday (8), press projections give tighter results for Democrats and Republicans in both houses of Congress, with a slight advantage for conservatives.

It was in this context that the US president reinforced his intention to run again: “Regardless of the outcome of these midterm elections, this was our intention,” he emphasized.

However, he clarified that this was also a “family decision” and that he was in no rush to announce it whenever Trump announced it.

“Hopefully I’ll have some time to step away for a week around Christmas or Thanksgiving. I feel like I’ll make that decision early next year,” the Democratic leader said.

However, Biden insisted that if Trump runs for president again, he will make sure he does not return to the White House.

On Monday, Trump said he would make a “big announcement” about his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on Nov. 15 ahead of the midterm elections. 2024 Presidential Election.

Although he has set a date for the announcement, Trump has already given signs of his intentions: “We will restore our wonderful White House in 2024,” he promised during a campaign rally in Ohio.

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“Red Tide”

Donald Trump acknowledged Wednesday that his Republican midterm legislative results fell short of what he had hoped for, as many conservative voters and some research failed to produce the “red tide” (party color) in Congress that some polls had predicted.

In a message on his social media site Truth, the former president said the “elections were somewhat disappointing” but from his “personal” perspective, they were a success.

Republicans had hoped for a major “red tide” in the so-called “midterms” to secure majorities in both houses of Congress, but tight leadership dampened expectations.

Contrary to what Texas Senator Ted Cruz and some polls indicated, the “tsunami” turned out to be a ripple.

According to the latest predictions of the largest American media, the future Senate majority will be decided in three key states: Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, the results will take time to know and may be uncertain until December.

At this time, according to the projections of the “CNN” network, the Democratic Party has captured 48 of the 100 seats in the Senate, 49 seats for the Republican Party, leaving the decision to these three states.

Even so, newspapers such as “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post” still have vehicles predicting a balance with 48 seats per verse, because the predictions for Alaska are not yet complete, where “CNN” predicted. A Republican victory.

As for the House of Representatives, where 435 seats are at stake and the election is still underway, projections put Republicans ahead: CNN gives them 203 seats and Democrats 187, while The New York Times estimates 204 seats for Trump’s party and 176 seats for the president. Joe Biden, “The Washington Post” has 199 points for conservatives and 175 for progressives.

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