December 7, 2022

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Bolsonaro and Putin pull out of G20 summit – 11/12/2022

President Jair Bolsonaro will not attend next week’s G20 summit in Indonesia. The gesture is unprecedented among Brazilian presidents and marks a tragic end to their government.

The meeting has some important international themes on its agenda, considered as a directory of the planet in a group.

Apart from Bolsonaro, the only confirmed absence is Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will be subject to stricter restrictions if he chooses to travel to Bali. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will also reportedly not attend.

No photos. The international community is cracking down on the fact that the traditional “family photo” will not be taken this year.

Western presidents have warned they won’t profile photos if Russian representatives are in Bali. In Putin’s absence, President Sergei Lavrov will represent him, saying he will go and eventually wants to appear in an official photo.

Who represents the Brazilian government? As for Brazil, President Carlos Franca is confirmed to be present. National Diplomatic High Command sources said UOL News That Bolsonaro will not go. Although some prominent voices among his aides tried to convince him of the importance of corporate participation in the presidency. But Bolsonaro actually chose to leave.

The President has realized that no other government wants to hold meetings with him and the focus of the international community is on the inauguration of the President-elect. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). No bilateral meetings are scheduled for him.

What does Bolsonaro’s absence mean? After confirming his decision not to travel, foreign diplomats point to his absence as confirmation of Bolsonaro’s international irrelevance and a “request” for a government that has dwarfed Brazil in the world.

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Even within Idamaratti, his absence is a sign that he does not understand the position he has adopted in 2019, and has nothing to do with the presence of the Brazilian president at the summit. Election results.

For foreign diplomats, Bolsonaro’s absence is a mix of relief and “pity” in the face of the collapse of foreign policy in a country that has served as a beacon to the world.

In 2021, at the G20 summit in Rome, Bolsonaro lived in an international mass situation with an entirely empty agenda, ignored by other leaders. Most recently, in New York, he once again found himself marked by an absence of high-level meetings through the United Nations General Assembly, and he missed a meeting he was due to meet with the organization’s secretary-general, Antonio Guterres.

Other Absences So far, Bolsonaro has not confirmed his participation in the Mercosur summit in Uruguay in three weeks. Confederation has not been its priority and Brazil’s political absence over the past four years has weakened integration plans.

Qatar’s invitation to Brazil’s president to attend the World Cup later this month has yet to be answered. It is tradition for the leader of the country that eventually reaches the final to attend the game. In Bolsonaro’s case, this final will take place just days before the end of his term.

At the UN, next Monday is a sabbatical that has been planned for months with the government Jair Bolsonaro The assessment of its human rights policies has turned into an avalanche of complaints against the administration that took power in 2019 and promises to dismantle a key part of the country’s fundamental rights protection structures in four years.

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For Brazilian diplomats, the Bolsonaro government’s decision abroad has both a sense of relief and revenge. But, most of all, with the idea that the international community misses Brazil.