September 28, 2022

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Bolsonaro punches Globo untouched, leaving Jornal Nacional unscathed – 08/23/2022

Bolsonaro received Interview with Jornal Nacional Two were made. He emerged unscathed from the confrontation with William Bonner and Renata Vasconcelos. And he delivered an unprecedented blow to boxing. Grupo punches Globo without touching him. In rehearsed gestures, the captain opened his arms in front of the cameras. He held a stick in his left hand. It contained the names of three countries—Nicaragua, Argentina, and Colombia—and one person: Dario Messer, “the money changer of the money changers.”

Bolsonaro doesn’t need glue to remember the three countries he included in the “red tide” sweeping the continent. They were annotated to make the glue even more eye-catching. The interviewer wanted to highlight Messer, as if inviting the viewer to send his name Google. Arranged with son Carlos BolsonaroBolsonerist hatred industrializing gear manager.

Lava filled in Jado, Dario Messer made a bargain in 2020. He said he converted the dollars into cash for the Marinho family in the 1990s. In a statement, the owners of Grupo Globo denied that they had engaged in foreign exchange operations in the secret market. By quoting him, Bolsonaro would trigger a backlash of formal denial. Indirectly shown, the slander won the social networks without any response.

Apart from being hit below the waist line, Bolsonaro made it through 40 minutes of the interview. Jabs Bonner and Renata with regular dodges: Lies, half-truths and manipulations. Asked to pledge to accept the outcome of the referendum, he said he would respect the election if it was “clean”. That is: it tolerates only its own success. He denied the crimesEven Supreme Court officials He called one a “scoundrel” and the other a “son of a puppy”.“. Myth about Very much Outsourced accusations of environmentalism, economics, classified its devotees’ conspiracy as “freedom of opinion”, tortured vaccines and defended chloroquine.

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Bolsonaro, who has been urged to revise his ludicrous reports about the epidemic, has preferred to continue to ignore more than 680,000 autopsies rather than engage in self-criticism. Also punished by Renata Dyspnea mimics a covid patient, the captain was on the verge of losing his cool. He slowed down.

Overall, Bolsonaro lied and deflected with dignity and poise. In other words, he sounded completely out of his mind on the Journal National bench. And he even boasts that he went to the interview without practice! I did not say anything capable of seducing a crowd of poor voters or ex-Bolsonaristas undecided. He did not steal Lula’s votes throughout the interview. But it is certain, Although there are pots, did not lose votes with the interview. This is a great achievement for a dangerous president.