July 4, 2022

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Brazil is ranked 68th in the world and 4th in total

The woman takes a selfie while being vaccinated
Vaccination for volunteers began this Sunday morning (13)
Photo: Vienna City Hall / Advertising

After dropping two positions last week, Brazil ranks 68th in the global rankings for vaccine use against Covit-19 in this 100 Monday (14). The country, which started vaccinating about five months ago, is already ranked 56th in the list.

The country is the 10th largest producer of the G20, the group of 20 largest economies in the world. According to agency update data CNN, Oh It appears in Brazil with a size of 37.04 for every 100 people.

The UK tops the list with 105.09 for every 100 people. The United States is in second place, with 92.49. Canada is in third place (76.90), Germany (71.74), Italy (69.87) and France (65.31). China (62.03) is in 7th place and Saudi Arabia (45.49) is in second place. Turkey appears next, with 40.38 sizes used for every 100 people.

Vaccination Group - June 14
The vaccination team shows Brazil’s position in the global rankings of the vaccine against Covit-19
Photo: CNN

Considering the absolute number of vaccines, China continues to lead the rankings, with 892.7 million doses already used.

The United States is in second place with 309.3 million doses used. India comes with a dose of 249.4 million. Brazil is in fourth place, with a dose of 78.4 million – the same level as we consider the G20 countries.

The United Kingdom ranks 5th, with 71.3 million doses used in total. Compiled by Data Agency CNN With information from the state health departments and the website Our world in data, Affiliated with the University of Oxford, UK.