December 7, 2022

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Brazilians are key partners in the European anti-human rights movement

The leaked WikiLeaks documents reveal donations and lists of members of the Spanish groups Hasteover and CitizenGO, which operate in Brazil and promote a radically conservative agenda against gender, LGBTQIA + and reproductive rights agendas.

Andrea DIP, Clarisa Levy, Ethel Rudnitsky, Laura Schofield, Mariama Korea, Public company

Brazilians are among the key partners of the far-right conservative right-wing movements Hastoire and CitizenGio, based in Madrid, Spain. Published documents Through WikiLeaks – the “Intolerance Network” leak reveals the mobilization of groups promoting anti-rights programs such as legal abortion and efforts against LGBTQIA + programs in many countries. In more than 17,000 files, P membersblica found a list of more than 200 Brazilians who are members of the organization. Among them are names associated with public servants, former candidates for political positions, businessmen, doctors, legal professionals and groups spreading misinformation in Brazil.

CitizenGO was launched in 2013 as HazteOir’s international site, becoming the umbrella of the radical Catholic group that has been campaigning for LGBTbhobic and anti – reproductive rights in Spain since 2001, and is known for its potential contacts with the Catholic secret community. Anvil, From Mexico. Despite the name change, the main strategy of the operation is cyber activism with the organization of online petitions and political campaigning.

In the case of leakage of documents (See the full report translated into Portuguese here), WikiLeaks says: “Both Hostoyer and Citizenji broadcast their campaigns and other work under the guise of family policies, but leaked documents show that their values ​​are found in the radically conservative Christian universe. They take a lot of action online through petitions, but they also work in the real world, for example. , With “Hateful bus” – A bright orange bus with slogans like ‘Boys are Boys’ and a tour of Spain and the United States. “This report is a” free speech bus “, a bus that carries transposic messages across Europe and the United States.

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Voluntary microdonations (grassroots) are Citicenzio’s main source of income, according to its website. According to the leaked documents, the Brazilian in 2014 Made 102 donations to the company, totaling 1,222.18 euros. CitizenGO’s internal document, accessed by Pública in conjunction with the Mexican website Contralinia, shows Brazil as the fifth largest donor behind Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom and Spain. In the United States, according to these documents, Brazilians are leading financial support for the radical conservative group more than countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The list, which identified more than 200 names of Brazilian citizens as partners, had access to the report and documents collected by WikiLeaks show 182 payments in the Brazilian currency PRL (real); Donations amounting to R $ 1,873.05, between R $ 0.87 and R $ 28.94. This other document does not describe the amount donated by each partner or the date of the transfer, but it is possible to identify sponsors from different locations: such as the capitals of Brasilia, Manaus, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Coenia and the city of Sரோo Paulo Minas Gerais. There is another list with four Brazilian donors, recording transfers made in 2009 for a total of 140 euros.

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