July 5, 2022

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‘Bring him to me’: The mother of a two-year-old boy found alone in Mexico wants to bring him back to Honduras

Tegucigalpa – Lorena Garcia, a young woman from the countryside of western Honduras, has already accepted the idea that her two-year-old son has missed out on the “American Dream”. Now she wants him back home.

A boy named Wilder, who was seen alone on the roadside in the Mexican state of Veracruz earlier this week, cries naked, attracting world attention next to a truck carrying immigrants in a dangerous condition. She was with her father Garcia’s husband, Noel Ladino, who was trying to enter the United States. But it is not clear where or how the mistake was made.

In an interview with Reuters, Garcia, 23, said he would like to reunite with his son, who is in the custody of Mexican authorities.

“I want him to be brought back to me,” he said on the phone Friday. She said her husband and son were looking for the “American dream”, but it was not possible.

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Garcia said Ladino and Wilder left their home in Copenhagen, Honduras, near the Guatemalan border, and traveled to the United States with a human trafficker named “Coyote.” The two then moved to southern Mexico, where the father and son split up.

After Mexican immigration officials circulated the photos, Garcia identified herself as Wilder’s mother to Hondurans, using a document that matched the boy’s vaccination card. She said her husband was imprisoned in Mexico and spoke to her on the phone Thursday, but did not receive information about Wilder.

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Although Garcia has heard that this could happen in 15 days, Mexico’s National Migration Agency has not yet announced a date for the baby’s return to Honduras.

“I hope he comes back,” he said.

The family, which includes another six-year-old daughter, lives on 100 lambs a day (R $ 21) so Ladino can find some services.

“There is no work here to support us. She left here because we have a woman. There is a lot of poverty here,” Garcia said.

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Ladino and Wilder plan to come to Virginia, where they have relatives who will eventually find his wife and daughter. He agreed to pay Coyote 200,000 lambs (R $ 42,525) for the trip with the salary he earns in the United States and the help of relatives. Wilder went with Ladino because the couple believed that traveling with a child would increase their chances of being accepted by US authorities.

Hundreds of thousands of Hondurans, including families with children, have fled to the United States in recent years to escape poverty, violence and corruption. Most of them are banned by Mexican and US authorities.