December 7, 2022

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Buttons close together cause “near-catastrophic” failure on Airbus A220 planes

A design flaw in the Airbus A220 can cause a major problem during takeoff, leading to an accident. Aviation officials in the United States and Canada reported the problem.

The problem was revealed after more than 38 autopilot operations during takeoff by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada, US and Canadian civil aviation authorities respectively. revealed by Flight GlobalThere is a problem when activating the autopilot during take off.

As a rule, the system is not activated until the aircraft leaves the ground and exceeds the minimum safe altitude. If activated before this, the aircraft may leave the ground prematurely, before the correct speed, leaving the aircraft without sufficient power for a safe climb, which may cause it to crash due to lack of lift.

However, this trigger was not intentional, but caused by another problem: Automatic Power Control Shutdown, The Autothrottle.

Automatic power control is used so that the aircraft’s configured maximum power is used during take-off and is not reduced. However, if there is any “turbulence” on the A220 due to irregularities in the runway and differences in speed information captured by different sensors (in case of failure), this function will be automatically deactivated.

If that happens, when trying to activate this automatic power control, pilots can press the autopilot button, which is right above. Autothrottle And they are so close to each other, practically glued together.

This app issue caused a series of incidents. So while the Americans wanted a rule, Canada asked that pilots be educated on the issue. will be installed in a non-reconnectable manner Autothrottle During take-off, power must be applied manually under any circumstances as an additional layer of safety to avoid accidental activation of the autopilot.

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