September 28, 2022

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Can cheaters do it again? Research has the answer

Most Dating and Marriages Follow the pattern Monogamous Of the relationship, that is: from the moment the commitment is signed, no one involved can have romantic and/or sexual relations with others.

This idea of ​​monogamy has many reflections and, of course, Scientific studiesAfter all, even human beings are created Relates to one person only A lifetime? Does monogamy have a future? Will D Non-monogamy Does divorce or the death of one of the spouses bring different legal issues?

Many of these questions There is no absolute answerBut one step A recent studyWe can understand a little better Forms of infidelity And, finally, to know if the concept of “once a traitor, always a traitor” is justified. What do you think?

A cheater always a cheater?

To answer this question, a team of researchers University of DenverIn America, he spoke with 484 people To find out if there are already people Betrayal in old relationships Actually, there were more opportunities Repeat this behavior In current relationships.

All participants were alive Long term romantic relationships and answered many of their questions sex life And also about sexual adventures Outside of the current relationship.

Similarly, if they were there, they replied Doubts About the reliability of his current companions.

After these questions, the scientists talked to everyone for a long time and then continued Various regulations And many new relationships formed over the years. Five years.

Fraud statistics

The results show that, indeed, the general knowledge About who betrayed Meaningful. Those who were already there Infidelity in other relationships presented a probability Three times as big for betrayal In new relationships compared to people who are always faithful.

Also, the research revealed that those people said in the first phase of the study Disbelief is faith had companions Four times more To doubt the credibility of their new partners.

Indeed, the results show that infidelity is associated with monopolistic agreement Previous betrayals. Although the sample of couples is small, the presence of these patterns can be clearly perceived. Was this decision surprising or obvious to you?

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