September 28, 2022

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Celso Portiolli appears in the video, “The Man to Marry.”

The host has made fans happy by releasing the dubbing video

Celso Portioli, one of television’s most beloved anchors, is known for his good nature and laid-back demeanor. The contractor S.P.T He often uses his social networks to show everyday moments and share funny photos and videos.

For example, this Wednesday (24), he used his Instagram to reveal that he wants to get married. But keep calm! The presenter is still happily married to his wife Sujana. In fact, Portioli is just “acting”.

On his official profile on the network, the host comes up with a funny filter and does funny dubbing. “I am looking for a serious person who wants to get married and build a house. It’s because I’m selling cement”, said the audio of the video shared by Celso Portiolli. In the caption, the celebrity also wrote: “Looking for the person I want to marry”.

Celso Portiolli posted a dubbing video on Instagram (Instagram reproduction)

The video featured hundreds of comments from followers who fell for the host’s joke. “This was great. I loved this video, it was perfect lol,” one follower wrote.

gave place

Although he uses his social networks to post about the facilities, this Wednesday (24) Portiolli used his Instagram to give space to a famous businessman. On his profile, with more than 12 million followers, the presenter posted a video of Luciano Hang called ‘Véio da Havan’, complaining.

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The businessman was questioned by federal police this week and his profile on the network was deleted after a court order. In a video shared on Portiolli’s Stories, Hang talks about the case and says they’re trying to shut him down. “Today is a very sad day, August 23, 2022, they removed my Instagram with 5.2 billion followers. They tried to shut me down. But we are many, we are millions, and together our voice goes further. There is no democracy without freedom. Thanks guys,” he said.

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