December 7, 2022

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Children of Afghan refugees die after eating poisonous mushrooms in Poland

Two Afghan brothers, aged five and six, died after eating poisonous mushrooms Poland, Then they were able to flee with their family Taliban Seize power in their country.

The boys and 17-year-old sister mushrooms were collected by relatives in a forest near a refugee center in Botkova Lena and then mistaken for a popular culinary species.

There may be confusion between hemlock (Amanidae foloides) and paracetamol (Macrolabiota prosera) mushrooms.

The youngest boy died Thursday, and the six-year-old underwent liver transplant surgery, but his brain was damaged and his condition was considered very bad. According to the French Press, he died this Friday (3).

The older sister responded well to treatment and had already been discharged.

The brothers came to Poland with their parents, as indicated by the government United Kingdom, Last month. The father worked for the British troops who took part in the occupation Afghanistan.

Another similar incident was recently reported near Warsaw, according to the British newspaper The Guardian, where four-year-old men and Afghans ate poisonous mushrooms and were hospitalized.

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