December 7, 2022

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Controversy, threats and insults: Pilots fight before landing in Buenos Aires – Prisma

Phrases like “I’ll wait around the corner for you”,”You’re an idiot” or “Come and tell me to my face” are common among teenagers or hot-tempered youth. But in this particular case, it happened where a great deal of concentration was required.

While preparing to land at George Newberry Airport (Aeroborg), the two pilots exchanged insults and provocations. Clarion.

The pilots of the two planes insulted each other, with the control tower as an intermediary.

The download took place on Monday (17) and everything was recorded. Now the audios are known (see the YouTube link at the end of this text).

One of the pilots who had a strong verbal exchange belonged to the employees of Aerolinías Argentinas; Another is for the staff of the medical flight.

There was a tense moment when they were about to land at the Aeropark terminal.

The worst example began when the air traffic controller asked the air traffic controller to stay on course and avoid performing landing maneuvers because another plane that had to land first was the toilet.

“Can you keep a .74 in your pedigree?” asked the pilot from the control tower. “You can’t go faster than other traffic,” he replied with little patience. “Then go,” the tower commanded again.

The conversation, which appears colloquial and related to the internal order of the job, unraveled the knot in an exchange of insults between the pilot of the plane that was due to land first – which, according to the airline’s pilot, was “slow”.

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“Command staff, thank you, and I apologize for what is happening to you with ‘aird airlines'”, interjected the pilot of the medical flight. That answer would be the start of a tense aerial debate.

“It’s okay, it’s an everyday thing,” he replied, downplaying what was happening and out of control.

“So these boys are slow everyday. We too are behind the slow,” replied the air chief.

According to the audio released by the TN channel, the discussion took the tone: “Come call me a boy to my face”, infuriating the pilot of the medical flight.

“Look, you’re a fool if you’re a commander; If you have techno and command, I will beat you”, Aerolineas insulted the colleague.

“I’ll wait for you around the corner”, came the reply.

“Never mind, I’m going to the checkpoint over there. You are a scoundrel,” he concluded.

There is no word on whether the pilots met face-to-face or not. The truth is that in the middle of the flight and before landing, the two pilots lost control and started arguing as if they had a daily disagreement on which corner to take.