September 28, 2022

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Convict ate two cheeseburgers, two fish finger sandwiches and two servings of fries before execution

James Coddington was hanged Thursday morning (8/25) at an Oklahoma prison (USA) for the death of Albert Hale, amid protests against crack addiction. 73 years old man Killed with a hammer. Attracted attention in the American press Hunger for the condemned man’s last meal: James ate Two cheeseburgers, two fish sandwiches and two large fries, served with a large soda.

The 50-year-old convict was administered lethal injection and pronounced dead at 10:16 am.

His lawyers and defenders hoped his remorse for the murder, his highly traumatic upbringing and his death row rehabilitation would save him. But Republican Governor Kevin Stitt couldn’t be trusted I rejected your request for forgiveness.

James Coddington and his lawyer Photograph: reproduction

“Thank you to my family and friends, lawyers, everyone who has been around me and loved me”said the prisoner as he was strapped to a stretcher inside the burial chamber. “Governor Stitt, I don’t blame you, I don’t excuse you”He added before the process started.

James Coddington’s execution is the first of more than two dozen executions state officials plan to carry out by December 2024, at a rate of one convict per month, according to CNN.

Opponents of the death penalty argue that there are Some great questions about the innocence of prisoners Or mental health for executions, his lawyers said, and critics pointed to a recent history of botched lethal injection applications. Those complications — Clayton Lockett, who was executed in 2014, writhed and cried on a stretcher for 43 minutes before suffering a heart attack — prompted officials to put the execution on hold during investigations and state death penalty reviews.

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According to witnesses, the execution resumed last October after convict John Grant convulsed and vomited on the stretcher. John was killed in 1988, while he was already serving time for armed robbery, a prison cafeteria worker.