December 7, 2022

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Corporate President’s sister Corps in the rubble of a collapsed building in Florida | The world

Authorities in Florida, USA, identified the body this Thursday (8) Sophia Lopez Morera, Brother-in-law of the President Paraguay, Mario Apto Benitez. One of the sisters of the first lady of Paraguay 64 victims have been identified so far In the Miami area, Surfline Towers collapsed in the south, on the Surface.

In addition to Sofia, coroners also identified the bodies of her husband, Louis Battencill, and the couple’s youngest son. This is to identify the couple’s other two children and a sixth person of Paraguayan descent who was with them. The “ABC Color” newspaper quoted Paraguayan President Euclides Acevedo as saying.

This Thursday, the number rose to 64 when a building collapsed on a site in the Miami area, local officials said. Earlier in the day, Florida authorities acknowledged that it was impossible to locate the survivors and that efforts were now underway to “recover the body.”

At least 76 are still missing They may collapse after a two-week search.

Video: Search teams provide a 1-minute silence for victims of the Miami crash

Video: Search teams provide a 1-minute silence for victims of the Miami crash

On Wednesday, rescue workers observed a minute of silence in honor of the victims of the crash (Watch the video above).

‘First responders are looking for their own friends’

First Aid prays as they search the wreckage of the South Building at Sampline Towers in Surface (Florida, USA) on Wednesday (7) – Photo: Jose A. Iglesias / Miami Herald

Miami-Tate County Mayor Daniel Levine said in an emotional statement Wednesday that “everyone’s heart beats for those waiting for answers.”

“This is our community, our neighbors and families. First responders are looking for their own friends and family,” Levine said.

Sunday night, officials said Demolished the rest of the residential building It almost collapsed almost two weeks ago, In fear that the Elsa storm will reduce the structure.

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