December 7, 2022

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Cuba: Hurricane Ian causes nationwide power outage | the world

M Cuba, Cyclone Ian caused power outages across the country last Tuesday (27). The storm has destroyed the western end of the island with winds and flooding and is now heading towards Florida in the US.

Lázaro Guerra, technical director of the União Electrico de Cuba, said the failure of the national power system, related to the storm, affected infrastructure, state media reported.

“The system has already been through Hurricane Ian and is operating under critical conditions,” said Guerra, technical director of the Cuban Electricity Union. “Currently there is no electricity service anywhere in the country.”

A partially destroyed street in Pinar del Rio, Cuba after the passage of Hurricane Ian – Photo: Ramon Espinoza/AP Photo

The director said the union would work overnight to gradually restore electricity to the country’s 11 million people early Wednesday.

Initially, power was cut only in the region of the country directly affected by the storm. However, in the evening, the entire Cuban power grid went down.

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated and others fled the area before Hurricane Ian hit. Although no casualties have been reported so far, officials are assessing the damage.

Hurricane Ian devastation in Havana, Cuba — Photo: Ismail Francisco/AP Photo

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