December 7, 2022

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Death was finally identified

The last victim has been identified in a building collapse on Florida’s Surface, the disaster that killed 98 people more than a month ago, authorities announced Monday.

“I can report it today, thanks for the continued heroic efforts [das equipes de busca], The last missing person has been found and identified, “said Daniel Levine-Cava, mayor of Miami-Tate County, at a news conference.

“Ninety-eight people have been identified, including 97 who were involved in the crash and one who died at the hospital,” he added.

Now, according to Levin-Kawa, all of the missing are said to have been found. However, the mayor said police were still searching for evidence and human remains in the tons of rubble in the building, which was moved to a warehouse.

The 12-story Sampline Towers South building collapsed somewhat on the morning of June 24 at the waterfront on the Surface, north of Miami Beach.

Until last Friday, firefighters worked at the site for several weeks. Except for a young man who was rescued a few hours after the building collapsed, they found no survivors in the rubble and quickly focused on searching for the remains.

The last person identified was 54-year-old Estelle Hedia, Miami-Tate police said Monday.

According to her brother, quoted by The New York Times, Hedaya recently moved from New York to Florida to start a new life.

One month after it happened, the cause of the collapse is still unknown and is being investigated.

Initial elements of the investigation appear to have eroded the building’s structure in some areas.

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The remaining property had to be evacuated after the disaster, and officials demolished it on July 4, believing its instability had put search and rescue teams at risk.