September 28, 2022

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Doctor runs 3 km to avoid traffic jam and perform surgery

A video of a doctor in Bengaluru, India who ran 3 kilometers to a hospital for surgery is going viral on social media. Govind Nandakumar, a gastroenterologist at Manipal Hospital in Sarjapur, got stuck in a traffic jam and literally had to run to get to the health centre.

On August 30, the situation arose. He was on his way to the hospital when he got stuck in a traffic jam on the Sarjapur-Marathahalli road. Hindustan Times reported that he opened the car door without thinking.

“When I checked Google, showed 45 minutes to cover the last stretch, otherwise 5-10 minutes. (…) That day I had to do a laparoscopic operation, and I had to start immediately, because it was important for the patient and others who were waiting for treatment. I left my car with my driver and ran about three kilometers to the hospital,” the doctor said in a video shared online.

The paper states that the patient was a middle-aged woman who had been suffering from gallbladder disease for a long time. A delay in surgery would have resulted in severe abdominal pain.

Dr. Group. Govind was ready to provoke anesthesia drug The patient sprung into action as soon as the doctor arrived in the operating room. Without delay, the doctor washed and donned the surgical gown to perform the operation. In due course the patient is discharged and doing well.

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