September 28, 2022

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Documentary Reveals Audios Of Adolf Eichmann, Considered Architect Of Holocaust: ‘I Don’t Care If They Are Alive’ | Excellent

Tapes of Adolf Eichmann’s speeches held in the German Federal Archives were obtained by Israeli filmmakers and released as a recently released documentary. In the audios, Naji is talking to a friend Buenos AiresAlready ArgentinaAnd he speaks freely about the atrocities he committed during World War II.

“I don’t care about the Jews deported to Auschwitz. I don’t care if they are alive or dead. (…) If I had received an order to put the Jews in the gas chamber and shoot them, I would have complied,” the German said in the audio.

oh Excellent He spoke with the film’s director, Yariv Moser.

“We were the first filmmakers to have access to 15 hours of footage. Perhaps, because I am Israeli and 60 years have passed since the trial, the owners of the tapes recognized it. They understood that it was time for the world to know the real face of Adolf Eichmann,” explains Moser.

Adolf Eichmann is considered the architect of the HolocaustAbout six million Jews were murdered by the dictatorship Adolf Hitler. He ordered the rail transport to destruction.

“Eichmann was responsible for the death of 430,000 Hungarian-speaking Jews. That is indisputable,” says George, one of the survivors of the Dachau concentration camp.

At the end of World War II, many Nazis were imprisoned – Adolf Eichmann was one of them, but he ran away and wandered around for four years. Germany.

These meetings were hidden in the home of another Nazi Argentina: Dutch journalist Willem Sassen. It was his idea to record Adolf Eichmann’s lengthy testimony.

In the documentary, Eichmann’s Encounters Buenos Aires are staged with actors, but the audio is original. (See more excerpts from the documentary and an interview with the filmmaker in the video above)

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