July 4, 2022

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Down Syndrome Cheerleader removed from school year album

Morkin Arnold, front row
Morkin Arnold, in the front row, is shown in a portrait of a cheerleader not used in his school yearbook. CNN deliberately blurs the image due to the age of the other subjects in the film.
Photo: Beach Junior High School / KSL

The family of a teenage girl with Down syndrome is thankful for the support the little girl received after being excluded from a photo album of cheerleaders at her school in Utah, USA.

Morkin Arnold, 14, was an enthusiastic player at Shoreline Junior High School in the United States. United States, Said his father Jeffrey Arnold CNN. He played, cheered and took part in other activities to uplift the school team, he said.

Morkin posed for a photo with the team and sat in the middle of the front row. When she received her eighth grade yearbook, she noticed that another photograph had been used, which she did not include.

“She showed it to me and I’m not here, but these are my friends, I love them,” Jeffrey Arnold told CNN.

Davis School District apologized in a statement. “We are deeply saddened by what went wrong. We continue to look into what happened and want to understand why it happened. We apologize to the family and others affected by this mistake. The student and we will review ours to make sure this does not happen again. Processes. “

Family has the support of friends and the community. Arnold says he has had positive conversations with school officials since the yearbook was published and hopes that Morkin or any other child can take action to prevent this from happening again. He did not want to point fingers or talk about who was responsible.

“I am optimistic about the empathetic conversations that have been created to ensure that this does not happen again,” he said. Since the publication of the Yearbook, the other women on the team have gathered around Morkin.

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The young man’s father laments that the cheerleaders and their families had to deal with hateful comments on social media, and he asks people to stop.

Image used in school year book
The photo of the cheerleading group without Morkin was used for the yearbook. CNN deliberately blurs the image due to the age of the other subjects in the film.
Photo: Shoreline / Junior High / KSL

“Gathering love from these cheerleaders shows that they were friends with Morkin, that they were included, and that they were disappointed with what happened,” Arnold admits.

“They show the right way to support and help in situations like this, and others are getting worse by the meaning of their hatred and their opinions,” he continues.

The teenager will return to school for ninth grade next year, but there is no guarantee that the girl’s father will be involved in the cheerleading team.

Chris Boyd, from CNN, Contributed to this story.

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