September 28, 2022

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During the investigation, it was found that the accused had child pornography on his cell phone

Trial against Fernando Sabac Montel, Accused of trying to kill Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner, found child pornography on his cell phone. Argentine federal prosecutor Carlos Rivolo asked that the accused be tried for the crime of pedophilia.

According to the websites El diarioar and Télam Digital, Rivolo said the cell phone contained images of “under-eighteens” who were “engaging in sexually explicit activities.”

The contents of the 35-year-old accused’s memory card were examined by the Argentine Public Ministry’s Ufeci (financial unit specialized in cybercrimes), which found 126 files (including photos and videos) with child pornography content.

According to Globo, Rivolo requested that the Brazilian be investigated for possessing and distributing content with child pornography. The prosecution for pedophilia was requested as part of an investigation into Kirchner’s attempted murder.

Buenos Aires Attorney General Juan Bautista Mahix “has turned himself in to federal justice” and the material found on the accused’s phone “will be examined by a Buenos Aires judge” to determine the possible commission of the crime, judicial sources said.

“We still need to analyze the phone and then the memory card to analyze the content of the videos and photos,” Mahix said on CNN Argentina’s La Manana project.

“Only then can it be determined whether it is mere possession and distribution [do crime de pornografia infantil] or if it is framed in a crime of abuse. It’s too early to take it for granted because we’re getting material that needs to be evaluated.”