December 7, 2022

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Elderly woman killed by friend after believing she was talking to King Charles on YouTube

The elderly woman believed she was talking to then-King Charles III over the internet

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Behavioral history of the elderly Mee Kuen Chong, the murder of 67-year-old English doctor Gemma Mitchell, who was decapitated and placed in a suitcase, has attracted international press attention. In the first testimony presented to the court in connection with the case, a psychiatrist said that the elderly woman thought Interview with King Charles III via YouTube.

It was also shared that he sent a letter to the British royal family and former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In March 2021, these exports are a Alert at the Permanent Threat Assessment Center at Buckingham Palace. Psychiatrist Alison Callan, a consultant at the Brent Community Mental Health Group, told the British newspaper Daily Mail this information.

The psychiatrist explained that Mee Quyen Chong’s letters were judged to pose no threat or danger to the recipients. Amidst this, he began visiting the old woman’s house, who described his messages as “strange”. Over the next few months, he started giving the old woman medicine.

An inquest by a British judge could convict or acquit Gemma, a doctor who denies murder charges.


English doctor Gemma Mitchell, who claimed to be a friend of Mi Nguyen Chong, is accused of decapitating the elderly woman and then putting her body in a suitcase. As reported in the British press, the possible motive for the crime was to fight for money.

The case took place in June 2021. Mee Quyen Chong’s body was found in a forest in Chalcombe, south-west England. The woman’s head was found 10 days later in the same area.

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