December 7, 2022

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Ex-wife vows to expose Waldemar Costa Neto’s crimes

Maria Cristina Mendes Caldeira (Photo: Reproduction)

Valdemar Costa Neto’s ex-wife Maria Cristina Mendez Caldeira said she would expose the PL president’s crimes. During a live Instagram broadcast last Tuesday (11/15), he said he would make his life “hell” for “challenging democracy”.

“O Waldemar, this news of yours that you are going to challenge the democracy at the polls, has brought me together. Heaven [cu] Now. You forgot that I have a lot of documents from you at that time Car wash [lava jato] And your current one. Also, currency evasion and evasion by the Bolsonaros here. But the most important thing of all is that you are running in a democracy, my dear. In the first round you chose your bench, so everything was fine, it worked, but in the second round you competed, didn’t you!?”, he shoots.

“I’m married to the owner of a congressional brothel, I know how you move, this thing where you run in a democracy, you fight, you shouldn’t be in a fight, I think it’s time to be PL. Impeached,” she said.

He says Waldemar manages the party because there are many people who worked with his father. “Everyone in the administration does what you want. You have an administrator in your pocket, right in your pocket. This is not democracy, dear. Politics [poltica] With you,” he said.

In the same live, María Cristina associates PL leader and President Jair Bolsonaro with the former President of the United States.

“No one competes in a democracy. You’re not Trump, Trump who hasn’t worked since losing the election, is not in bed watching Netflix shredding documents or trying to hack computers. Things he’s prepared for,” he charged.

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“Do you think you are going to fight against democracy and save this party? Because of your past, full of confusion, 30 ugly things you have done. Only without Interpol, FBI, nothing, this fight will be good. Against what, against what.. . AGAINST POLITICS.. AGAINST POLITICS, WE KNOW YOU WILL DO BUSINESS, I’M DEFENDING DEMOCRACY. AND I’M AGAINST CORRUPTION. ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO CONTINUE IN DEMOCRACY? WITH YOUR DIRTY ASS? ALL YOUR ROTTEN THINGS, ALL YOUR COMMUNITIES WILL COME OUT. ALL THE FRIENDS WHO ARE MONEY FOR YOU. “, ends.

Maria Cristina Mendez Caldeira Menzalo was responsible for a report against her ex-husband at the CBI that landed him in jail.

A Report PL was contacted to respond to the allegations but did not hear back till press time. This text will be updated as the summary appears.