December 7, 2022

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Explorer finds abandoned spacecraft worth R$ 1.1 million

A British podcaster has discovered the abandoned remains of a former Soviet Union spaceship in the desert. The Sun newspaper reported on Sunday that Greg found the abandoned Soviet airbus while touring the area with a friend.

Called Ptichka, which means “little bird” in Russian, the sprawling spacecraft cost £189 million and was scrapped after one failure. Currently, the vehicle’s structure is compromised, with much of it corroded, according to Explorer.

The Briton did not want to reveal the location of his unusual findings, to protect them, but according to the newspaper, he was near Kazakhstan in 2019, a special part of the hidden space objects that were eventually released. Last year.

“I first discovered the buses in an article I found online and couldn’t fathom seeing millions of dollars worth of buses abandoned and rusting away. There’s always been something about space that has fascinated me. It’s the best place I’ve ever traveled to, that’s it. It’s every explorer’s dream to see it for themselves,” Gregg told the Mirror newspaper. .

Gregg also recorded a 58-meter-tall rocket, which he described as a “monster,” which was part of the Soviet Union’s space program, which was investing huge amounts of money in space to compete with the United States. Race between the 1950s and 1970s.

Image: Background/Instagram/@gregabandoned

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