September 28, 2022

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Find out which one is yours

IBC Coaching website introduced a very interesting challenge to internet users all over the world. The Five Love Languages ​​Test proposes to reveal which one is yours. It takes into account the theory developed by Gary Chapman, which establishes five distinct ways of expressing affection.

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What are the five love languages ​​according to theory?

According to Chapman’s work, there are five ways to express affection: affirmations, acts of service, quality time, gifts, and physical touch. In other words, each person can present a major pattern in the five love languages. You can take a test to find out which one is yours.

How to take the test and find out what your language is now:

To do the Five Love Languages ​​Challenge, you need to follow the step by step described below.

1 – First, access the IBC Coaching Portal through the link and select the option to take the test;

2 – Write your name and fill the data requested by the site like email and phone. You must agree to the Terms of Use in any virtual data capture environment;

3 – Click “Next” and read the test instructions very carefully. The Five Love Languages ​​Quiz requires you to choose only one answer for each question. Start the challenge.

4 – Answer each question of the questionnaire honestly and as closely as possible. Click Next after submitting the answer;

5 – When you finish the questionnaire, you will know what your language is love It can be any of the options mentioned above.

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Remember that the test is for entertainment purposes and not for any type of diagnosis. To get an accurate measurement of the way you express yourself, you should seek out an expert in psychic language. However, the result can be a great source of reflection.