December 7, 2022

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Finland’s prime minister acquitted of behavior at private party

Channa Marin was filmed dancing at her 36th birthday party and the video went viral in the country.

Heikki Soukoma / Newspaper Photo / AFPPrime Minister of FinlandAfter the video was leaked in August, Sanna Marin had to apologize to her countrymen

Sanna Marin, Prime Minister FinlandHe was found not guilty of the charges Bad behavior After a video of her dancing at her 36th birthday party in August was leaked on social media. An official investigation was launched after dozens of complaints – filed with the Finnish chancellor – said Marin was unfit for the job and his behavior was inappropriate. An independent government office was chosen to investigate the case and decreed that the prime minister had not neglected his duties in celebration this Friday, 4. “There is no reason to suspect that the prime minister is acting illegally in the performance of his duties or neglecting his official duties,” President Dumas Posti said. Marin said he was having fun with friends at the time of the spill. “I am human. And sometimes I long for joy, light and fun amidst these dark clouds,” he said.

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