July 30, 2021

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Fire breaks out hospital treating Govt-19 patients in Iraq | The world

One A hospital fire Covit-19 treats patients in southern Nazareth Iraq, 44 were killed and 67 were injured This Monday (12).

Sources close to the health department warn that the death toll could be even higher as patients were not seen on Monday night. Among the dead were two employees.

Hospital fire in Iraq – Mapa – Photo: G1 World

According to a Reuters reporter who saw the scene, First responders and health professionals carried the burnt bodies out of the hospital, while several patients smoked..

The Iraqi state news agency said rescue operations continued at the hospital despite the blaze. According to witnesses, the operation was very complicated.

The causes are not yet fully understood, but an initial police report a Explosion in oxygen tank Within the patient ward Corona virus Do the hospital.

In Iraq, 82 people died in a hospital fire involving Govt-19 patients

In Iraq, 82 people died in a hospital fire involving Govt-19 patients

In April, a Explosion in oxygen tank at a hospital He was treating Govt-19 patients in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, when 82 people died and 110 were injured. Remember the video above.

The corona virus has infected more than 1.4 million people in Iraq. The death toll in the country has crossed 17.5 thousand.

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