September 28, 2022

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For this reason, barbecues may not occur at COPA

Many Brazilians organize to follow the games of the Brazilian team World Cup Barbecues. However, the Most consumed items They even recorded during the football event A double-digit maximum compared to the previous versionIn 2018. Survey conducted by XP.

For this reason, barbecues may not take place at COPA (Image: Montage/FDR)

According to the survey, a barbecue should be held as an accompaniment CopaOn average, the Brazilians spend 80% more on meat, 18% more on beer, and 24% more on water and soda..

EXP analysts explain that due to the 2020 and 2021 water crisis, the increase in meat consumption is related to global demand, rising grain costs and declining grazing land.

Beer and soft drinks, in turn, have recorded a significant increase in costs. It is mainly quoted in dollars – in packages.

For those interested to see Competitions Copa outside the houseIn some bar, for example, Beer will cost approximately 15% more. This person has to pay 20% extra for water and soda.

XP researchers report inflammation A little cheaper than buying in a supermarket. However, on average, out-of-home consumption spending is 15% higher.

With the World Cup, the cost of television also increased

to go with Copa 2022, many Brazilians will follow the event at home. Television has become almost indispensable, as only a very small fraction of Brazilians watch a soccer event through a cell phone screen or radio.

In this case, if the person decides Change the television For a better or larger model, the survey reveals that it will Spending on average 17% more than required in 2018.

In response to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, demand has increased. In addition, the sector was hit hard by the disruption of the global supply chain, and values ​​began to rise.

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Brazilians have to spend more on selection shirts and trophy stickers

Buy one The official shirt of the Brazilian national team, worth spending BRL 349.99 on the Nike website. Compared to the previous World Cup, the Value increased by 40%. The current price is still higher than the accumulated inflation during that period (26.8%).

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Those who want to buy stickers to complete the World Cup album will have to pay more. The The traditional album version is up 16.5%. Already A pack of five stickers doubles the value.

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