December 7, 2022

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Former Chinese President Quits Communist Party Congress; Watch the video

Hu Jintao, 79, former president of China and Pioneer D Ji JinpingUnexpectedly fired from the closing ceremony Communist Party CongressHeld on Saturday 22nd.

He was seated to the left of the Asian nation’s current leader as he was escorted out of the Great Hall of the People’s Auditorium in Beijing by two bodyguards.

Video from the AFP news agency shows a security guard trying to lift Hu from his chair, which catches the eye of the authorities.

Huh appears to protest as the flight attendants escort him out, giving a dazed look. At the exit, He exchanged words with Xi and patted Premier Li Keqiang on the shoulder, who sat on Xi’s right.

Video of the incident, highly unusual given the delicate stage management of most of these events, was widely shared on social media but not seen on China’s heavily censored social media platforms.

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The state media did not report on the ceremony, which took place as journalists entered the hall.

The Communist Party Congress, held once in five years, concluded on Saturday. Authorities did not comment on the incident or respond to inquiries from AFP.

Chinese President Xi Jinping next to Hu Jintao’s empty chair during the congress Photo: Dingshu Wang/Reuters

“Whether it was intentional or not, or because he was ill, the result was the same. A total disgrace to the last generation of leaders before Xi,” posted Alex White, a British analyst who lived in China.

Wendy Chung, a senior professor at the Australian National University, told the newspaper Guardian The behavior of other leaders sitting in the front row made the exit seem “harmless”.

“From the video, Li Zhanshu, who was sitting next to Hu Jintao, tried to help Hu to his feet and stood up for a moment to watch Hu leave, a common gesture of respect. So Li Hu doesn’t seem to be politically respectable toxic,” he said.

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“Therefore, I think it is too early to conclude that Hu’s sudden departure represents a political purge. Hu abruptly withdrew from the Party Congress due to unforeseen personal reasons.

Hu Jintao (standing) is escorted by security guards from the Chinese Communist Party Congress, as Xi Jinping and other party leaders look on.
Hu Jintao (standing) is escorted by security guards from the Chinese Communist Party Congress, as Xi Jinping and other party leaders look on. Photo: By Han Quan/AP

Hu Jintao was taken to the Congress

A few days ago, the same Hu Jintao was taken into the Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

Videos of him being taken to his chair appeared on social media in China but had little impact in the West.

The Communist Party has yet to offer any explanation for Hu’s strange departure, and it could take weeks or months to find out why.

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Xi Inping disappeared from public view for two weeks before becoming China’s top leader 10 years ago, a move that has never been explained. / AFP and AP

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