December 7, 2022

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Fugitive far-right soldier’s regiment finds virologist in Belgium | The world

A body was found in the east this Sunday (20) Belgium It belongs to the far-right right-wing soldier Jrgen Konings, who has been wanted since May 17, he said in a statement to the minister and defense chief this Sunday (20).

“The discovery of the lifeless body puts an end to five weeks of insecurity and intimidation,” said a joint statement from Minister Ludwig Dedontor and Michael Hoffman, according to the Agency France-Presse.

The first findings indicated that the cause of death may have been suicide by gunfire, which must be confirmed by a forensic expert, according to an earlier report by the Ministry of Public Works that the body may have belonged to Konings.

The 46-year-old man, who is considered dangerous, was wanted by the Belgian Terrorist Threat Assessment Agency and is suspected of plotting to attack the government. And a famous virologist.

Connings approached weapons and ammunition in his barrage.

Jurgen Konings, 46, in a photo released by the Belgian Federal Police on May 19 – Photo: Guide / Belgian Federal Police / AFP

The family of Marc van Ronstein, one of Belgium’s most famous and highly respected virologists, had to leave their home and take him to a protected hideout after Conwings’ threats, in retaliation against virologists and locking advocates.

According to police, on May 18, the soldier left his barracks with a heavy weapon and went straight to the virologist’s house, where he spent three hours waiting for him to return from work.

According to the BBC, Van Ronst is returning from work as the man waited for him. But on this occasion he came back a little while ago and was already in the apartment with his family.

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