September 28, 2022

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G7 to allow Moscow after announcement of reservation

G7 foreign ministers will adopt new sanctions against Russia after President Vladimir’s decision Putin of Mobilize conscripts for war in Ukraine.

The G7 diplomatic leaders have criticized “Russia’s deliberate actions to escalate (the conflict), including the partial mobilization of reserves and reckless nuclear rhetoric,” they said in a statement.

The G7 is “committed to more targeted sanctions and sustained economic and political pressure against Russia”, ministers said after their meeting during the UN General Assembly.

European Union (EU) diplomatic chief Joseph Borrell, who attended the meeting, said: “We will study and follow the new restrictions, both personal and sectoral.

Ministers of Germany, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Japan United KingdomThe EU also condemned plans to organize “false referendums on Ukrainian sovereign territory”.

“Voting cannot be free or fair as long as Russian forces are present,” they added.

Earlier this month they reaffirmed their pledge to “finish the plans” and impose a price ceiling on Russian oil.

They have called on Russia to return control of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has been the target of attacks in recent weeks, to Ukraine.

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