December 7, 2022

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Google fined millions for collecting location data with GPS disabled

Google He agreed to pay $85 million (~R$441 million) to settle a lawsuit against the company Collect user location dataEven if the GPS is off.

The lawsuit was filed in the US state of Arizona in 2020, and the attorney general claims that Google uses “obfuscating patterns” to obtain the user’s location to serve ads.

In this case, the authorities allege that Google used weather apps to collect the user’s location. This happened even when GPS was turned off in smartphone settings.

A second charge against Google is that the company overreaches privacy settings to make location features difficult to access. As a result, as long as you disable the smartphone’s GPS, the user will not know that Google is constantly collecting data.

Commenting on the settlement, Google spokesman Jose Castaneda noted that the lawsuit was based on outdated privacy policies.

We offer simple controls and automatic deletion options for location data, and we always work to minimize the data we collect.

This isn’t the first time Google has been forced to pay fines for collecting location data. The company already exists Processed in Australia, France and England.

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