July 4, 2022

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Govt-19 and Crisis News, Live | Senate approves MP to privatize Electroprocess, which could lead to higher electricity tariffs | Currently

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The Senate on Thursday approved the basic text of the provisional action to allow Privatize state-owned electroprocess, The largest electricity company in Latin America. There were 42 votes in favor and 37 votes against, the closest votes and even, the victory for the government of Bolzano and Paulo Quitus, which has promised privatization since the beginning of their mandate. The text, modified, goes to the chamber’s assessment and must be voted on by Tuesday so as not to lose its validity. In the news of the epidemic, Button’s mapping indicated the circulation of at least 19 species Of the new corona virus In the state of So Paulo. Recorded in Brazil this Wednesday More than 2,997 deaths due to corona virus –No such deaths were reported in the 24 hours since the end of April. Overall, the country has already registered 493,693 deaths. The CBI from infection He is still discussing what he will do in this Thursday’s session, reserved for the testimonies of businessman Carlos Guide – named one of the members Co-Cabinet Of President Jair Bolsanaro– and Alexandre Figueroa Costa Silva Marx, auditor of the Federal Court of Accounts. The guide has been warned by his lawyers that he will not be present as he has been in the United States since March following a family member’s medical treatment. He and Marx received a ‘habeas corpus’ for not answering the committee’s questions – a decision in favor of the auditor, which also allowed him not to attend the session if he so desired.

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